MOFT X Phone Card Holder, Ultra-Light Phone Wallet, Car Phone Holder Car Mount, 4 in 1 Invisible and Foldaway Phone Stand-Starry Grey



From the manufacturer

About MOFT

MOFT stands for “Mobile Office for Travelers.” We are a collective focused on creating innovations that boost productivity in many facets of life.

MOFT X makes every device vertical-friendly to make sure all the contents were delivered to you in the right way. With the still ultra-slim body, it still follows the exact same minimalistic philosophy of MOFT Stand – invisible yet super practical.

Perfect for Mobile Working

We truly believe“Good design is invisible” and put this philosophy into creating MOFT: unseen when attached, unfelt when worked on, unnoticed when carried.
Nothing extra, only simplicity and reliability. Everything is “feeling right” and you don’t even notice it.

Premium Material

The MOFT’s removable adhesive lets it conveniently attach and detach from your device.

Better posture

Lift your device up and provide better airflow to prevent overheating. Create a comfortable viewing.


Foldable design for space saving and portable perfectly.

【Hands-free】Whether it’s Facial unlock, video-chat, messaging, news browsing…At 60° , you can totally do anything we mentioned just now, hands-free.But doing all these is not enough. We want to make sure you can do it anywhere, at anytime. Simply fold it in your hands and take it wherever you go, no strings attached. 
【1-second To Landscape】Don’t get us wrong. Being good on vertical mode doesn’t mean landscape mode is forgotten. As heavy media content consumer, we know exactly how fast you want to switch when you feeling watching a video from a link—in a comfortable way.That’s it. No fidgeting, no pulling or anything gimmicky, it just works. It also comes with 60° in landscape mode, perfect to watch in mid-range distance.
【Use Everything Feel Nothing】For MOFT X, a simple yet very ergonomic fold-line on the back is enough to make it function perfectly, go with you all the time but unaware of its existence, and help you kick it up in just 1 second—even your cat knows how to use it. It is also very thin and light. At 5mm/0.15inch thinness & 1oz weight, you won’t even feel it in your pocket.
【Practicality,Still Hold 3 Card】As a stand, it must get the job done properly before anything else. As thin as MOFT X phone stand can be, you will be amazed that such small body still packs up to three cards. Your driving license, your credit card, your name card. Don’t worry, we got RF-ID, all your cards are safe and sound.(Not compatible with Iphone 11 pro or 11 pro max)


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